Nintendo 3DS

Introducing glasses-free 3D gaming on the go, Nintendo 3DS offers new surprises every day via StreetPass and SpotPass if you carry it with you wherever you go!

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Choose your viewing style

3D gaming without the need for special glasses can be experienced anytime, anywhere. The level of 3D is entirely up to you and you always have the option to play in pure 2D by adjusting the 3D depth slider if you prefer.


Capture special moments

Having your system on hand means you can capture those unique moments in your life in seconds. The three cameras allow you to take both 3D photos and 3D videos, making your captured memories even more life-like!

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Unique games

Dive straight into the Nintendo franchises you don’t find anywhere else and experience Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, Kirby and more in glorious 3D. With an amazing catalogue of games that is growing every month, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on Nintendo 3DS.

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Enjoy Nintendo DS games

Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible, so you have the entire library of Nintendo DS games to replay or discover!

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Nintendo 3DS connects you

Swap game data with other gamers as you pass them by with StreetPass, receive new game content and news automatically with SpotPass and play online with others anytime.

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Unique ways to play

Complementing the classic Touch Screen controls and 3D upper screen graphics come gyro sensors and motion sensors to throw you right into the action. Add Augmented Reality capabilities and suddenly your gaming looks a whole lot different!

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