AR Games: Augmented Reality

Watch incredible things happen on your kitchen table

Watch games come to life in three dimensions right before your eyes! Use your Nintendo 3DS family system to look at the ? AR Card that's included with your system and on your screen a cube will magically appear from the card. You'll be amazed when things suddenly start appearing in 3D right in front of you. And that's just the beginning...

Here's how it works


Place an AR Card on a flat surface...


Point the outer cameras of your system at the AR Card...


On your screen, a yellow box will appear on top of the card!

Shooting – Can you find the perfect shot?

Targets, trees and other things will appear on the screen in the scene in front of you. Move around the scene with your system and look for the targets, aiming for the perfect shot. Make sure you try different angles as you might find something new…


Many targets will appear...


Sometimes even the surface moves!


But where is the hidden target?

Mii Pics – Little Mii characters everywhere!

In this game, small Mii characters will appear in front of you. You can take 3D pictures as if your Mii was part of the real world. Sometimes they'll sit down on a book or a tiny Mii will look up at you and pose. You can change their expressions and take pictures as if they were sitting in your hand!


Lots of Mii characters are ready to pose for you.


Try resizing your Mii for a different impression!


Other games…

Apart from the two games mentioned above, AR Games has plenty more to offer. It looks like there are six cubes worth of games to try, but who knows – maybe you can find more...


AR Card Download

Print out the AR Cards here! (PDF, 6115 kB)

User Guidelines

  • Cut around the AR Cards by following the broken line.
  • Be sure to print the AR Cards using a colour printer.
  • Use paper with a matt rather than glossy surface to print the AR Cards.
  • If the paper becomes crinkled or folded, it could affect camera detection, so thick paper is recommended.
  • It is best to use an inkjet printer to print the AR Cards.
  • These cards are for individual use. Unauthorised reproduction is not permitted.

Please note that visuals will display in 2D on Nintendo 2DS.