Super Game Boy


Breathe new life into your classic Game Boy Game Paks with the Super Game Boy, which projects your portable play onto the big screen. No need for a Game Boy system - just plug the Game Pak into the Super Game Boy and go! Using clever technical trickery, classic black-and-white titles are rejuvenated in four, twelve or even 256 vibrant colours - and you can design a border for your Game Boy play as colourful and flamboyant as your imagination allows! With the Super Game Boy 2, you can link your Super Nintendo and Game Boy Game Pak to another Game Boy for link-up larks. The Super Game Boy is not compatible with Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance Game Paks.

Look for the Super Game Boy icon on Game Boy Game Paks that take special advantage of the Super Game Boy's features.

Super Nintendo Score Master


When you need that little bit extra control of your Super Nintendo games, the Nintendo Score Master can deliver it. Slotting straight into the Super Nintendo Controller port, the Score Master features a sturdy base that sits below an enormous joystick, plus six control buttons enlarged and re-arranged for instant access. Autofire, turbo and slow-mo functions complete the ideal accessory for the high-score hero.

Super Nintendo Mouse


Launched alongside Mario Paint, the friendly Super Nintendo art creation Game Pak, the Super Nintendo Mouse allows budding Van Goghs to create Mario-inspired masterpieces on-screen with ease. Featuring two buttons and plugging straight into Controller Port 1, the Nintendo Mouse is one rodent you can have running around on the table without fear.

Look for the Nintendo Mouse icon on Super Nintendo Game Paks that support this accessory.