Nintendo DS Rumble Pak


Included with selected Nintendo DS games like Actionloop and Metroid Prime Pinball, the Nintendo DS Rumble Pak puts more power in your handheld play sessions.

Simply put the Rumble Pak into the Game Pak Slot and feel the force in your fingers!

Look for the Rumble Pak logo on the game's packaging or gamepages on this website to find out if your game supports rumble.


Some specific features of Nintendo DS will only be available in South Africa in the near future.

Nintendo MP3 Player


The Nintendo MP3 Player is not much bigger than a Game Boy Advance Game Pak but, when slotted into Nintendo DS's Game Pak Slot, turns your handheld into a full-featured music player. Simply select tracks and adjust playing options with the easy on-screen interface and play your tunes through the DS speakers or headphones

The Nintendo MP3 Player uses common SD cards to store music; simply transfer songs to SD card via a PC and you're all set in seconds - no software, no converting, no fuss!

  • Also compatible with Game Boy Micro and Game Boy Player
  • Includes built-in headphone socket for crystal clear stereo sound
  • Simple on-screen interface including Repeat and Shuffle modes
  • Two themes available for on-screen interface: standard and Mario
  • Simply 'drag and drop' songs from PC to SD card, dividing artists or albums into folders as desired
  • Store approx. 240 songs on a 1Gb SD card (SD card not included)