Pokémon mini

Infrared Feature

System Size


So you thought Game Boy Advance was small? Nintendo's petite Pokémon system measures just 74mm x 58mm x 23mm - well under half the size of Game Boy Advance. Weighing 70g when the battery and cartridge are plugged in, Pokémon mini is the pint-sized pal you can fit into just about any pocket.



Three Pokémon mini colours - green, purple and blue - might put you in mind of three of the most popular Pokémon: Chikorita, Smoochum and Wooper. Choose your favourite!

It Moves!


Hands-trembling fun is guaranteed with Pokémon mini's powerful built-in rumble feature. But Pokémon mini doesn't just create movement - it detects it, too. A shock sensor inside this minuscule machine allows you to control Pokémon on-screen by rattling your hand like a Pokéfan possessed.

Look for the Rumble Feature icon or the Shock Sensor icon on Game Paks that include these features.

Software Library


Stored on wafer-thin, postage stamp-sized Game Paks, Pokémon mini's range of games offer an astonishing amount of satisfaction-per-centimetre. Dribble basketballs, play pinball or tackle brain-tickling teasers - all along with Pikachu, Chansey, Wooper, Celebi and more of your favourite Pokémon.

Clock Function


Set the time once when you first turn on, and Pokémon mini's battery-backed clock will keep track of the seconds, minutes, hours and days as they pass by - even when the system is switched off!

Infrared Feature


If there's another Pokémon mini up to one metre away from yours, the two systems can chat with each other courtesy of their built-in infrared ports. That means multiplayer Pokémon card games, sports events and battles for up to a staggering six players!

Look for the multiplayer icon on Game Paks that include this feature.