Game Boy Advance Accessories


Game Boy Advance Link Cable

The Game Boy Advance Link Cable lets you connect your GBA to one, two or three other Game Boy Advance systems and experience the exhilaration of miniature multiplayer mayhem. Depending on the game, you can exchange high scores, swap items, or play simultaneously - and some titles allow you to share the fun with just one Game Pak.

This cable will only work with the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP portable game systems and Game Boy Advance Game Paks (to connect other Game Boy systems, you must use the Game Boy Link Cable or Game Boy Universal Game Link Cable Set, sold separately).

Note: Check the Game Pak packaging, the Game Pak instruction booklet or our online gamepage to see if you need more than one copy of the Game Pak to play with friends, and to find out how many players can join in simultaneously. To use this cable, you must use Game Boy Advance Game Paks that feature multiplayer gameplay. Up to three Link Cables may be needed for multiplayer game play. Look for the Link Cable icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.


Wireless Adapter

With the Wireless Adapter, now you can use your Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP to play or communicate with others without the need for cumbersome wires! The Wireless Adapter plugs straight into the back of your GBA and allows you to take part in multiplayer games with GBA games that support the Wireless Adapter. You can play with other Wireless Adapter enabled GBA players over a distance of up to ten feet away.


Game Boy Advance AC Adapter

No need for batteries with the Game Boy Advance AC Adapter, which can keep your system running 24:7. This accessory contains an AC Adapter and a DC Power Module. This adapter will only work with Game Boy Advance systems.


Game Boy Advance Cable

Suitable for specific games including Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the Game Boy Advance Cable gives your Game Boy Advance the ability to communicate with your Nintendo GameCube. Depending on the game, you'll be able to exchange data and high scores between the two systems, unlock new game levels and secrets, or even use the Game Boy Advance as a supplemental input device.

Look for the Game Boy Advance Cable icon on Game Boy Advance games that support this accessory.