Game Boy Link Cable


Unite with other Game Boy owners with a Game Boy Link Cable. Depending on the compatible game, you can swap high scores with a friend, trade Pokémon, or play simultaneously for top-notch two-player action (you and your friend will each need a copy of the game for all these benefits). This cable is not compatible with Game Boy Advance. Using the Game Boy Universal Game Link Cable, two Game Boy Pockets/Game Boy Colors or one original Game Boy and one Game Boy Pocket can connect without any additional adapters.

Look for the Link Cable icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.

Super Game Boy


Breathe new life into your classic Game Boy Game Paks with the Super Game Boy, which projects your portable play onto the big screen. No need for a Game Boy system - just plug the Game Pak into the Super Game Boy and go! Using clever technical trickery, classic black-and-white titles are rejuvenated in four, twelve or even 256 vibrant colours - and you can design a border for your Game Boy play as colourful and flamboyant as your imagination allows! With the Super Game Boy 2, you can link your Super Nintendo and Game Boy Game Pak to another Game Boy for link-up larks. The Super Game Boy is not compatible with Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance Game Paks.

Look for the Super Game Boy icon on Game Paks that take special advantage of the Super Game Boy's accessory.

Game Boy Camera


Get snap-happy and turn your Game Boy into a digital camera with the incredible Game Boy Camera. Slotting neatly into the Game Boy's game slot, this clever add-on allows you to take black-and-white pictures with the simple press of a button - then clip, cut, merge and even add Nintendo characters to your photos with the built-in tools. Create animations by stringing snaps together, print your pictures with the Game Boy Printer... the only limit is your own imagination!

Game Boy Printer


No need for a dark room or local chemist to develop your Game Boy Camera snaps - just plug in the Game Boy Printer and print out your favourite poses. Plus, many Game Boy games can send screenshots, character pictures and high score lists to the Game Boy Printer. Peel the backing off your printouts and the sticky back means anything you print can become a sticker.

Look for the Game Boy Printer icon on Game Paks that support this accessory.

Game Boy Printer Paper


One roll of white Game Boy Printer paper, one roll of yellow and one roll of blue, all backed with sticky glue so you can place your printouts on walls, fridges, Nintendo systems or anywhere you please. Each roll can print 180 individual pictures, giving you enough paper for 540 printouts!