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  • Mineko’s Night Market, Teslagrad 2 and more were featured in the latest Indie World Showcase!


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    Watch the latest Indie World and check out a selection of indie titles headed to Nintendo Switch in the near future, as well as some you can play right now!

    Tune into supernatural radio waves in OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, keep the beat alive in Rift of the NecroDancer, embark on a new pilgrimage in Blasphemous 2, dive into the mysterious depths of ANIMAL WELL, and much more!

    Can’t wait to jump into your next indie experience? Take a look at the games shown that you can play or pre-order today:

    Is there another game that piqued your interest during the presentation? Check out the full line-up on our Indie World hub. Don’t forget to wishlist your favourite titles by clicking the heart icon, so you’re notified when a game on your list releases or goes on sale!