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  • Kick-start the year and get moving with Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure


    Kick-start the year and get moving with Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure

    Aiming to be more active in 2023? Nintendo Switch has got you covered! Get in some workouts with Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure.

    Nintendo Switch Sports has seven different sports to enjoy, all of which can get you up off the couch and moving about. Here are just a few of them:



    Hit by swinging your Joy-Con controller from side-to-side and perform a powerful smash by swinging downwards. Rallies can become quite intense!



    Guard yourself by keeping your sword perpendicular to your opponent. When you get the chance, strike back with an attack!



    Pump your arms to dash across the field, and, with the trusty Leg Strap Accessory* equipped, swing your leg to shoot when you see an opening.

    Looking for something a bit more intensive? Over 60 different real-life exercises await in Ring Fit Adventure, including….


    Overhead Press

    Hold the Ring-Con accessory above your head and press in to work your upper arms.


    Wide Squat

    Perform squats with legs open wider than usual to focus on your legs and hips.


    Leg Raise

    Sit on the floor with legs straight and raise both legs. Great for working your abdomen!


    Mountain Climber

    Place your hands on the floor and alternate extending your legs. This one uses the whole body and can really work up a sweat!

    Swing, kick, and spike your way to victory in Nintendo Switch Sports, and break a sweat with Ring Fit Adventure’s full-body workouts. Check out the pages below to learn more about each game!

    *Leg Strap Accessory is included with the physical version of Nintendo Switch Sports, and also available separately.