LEGO The Lord Of The Rings

System: Nintendo 3DS Release date: 12/11/2012

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One ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them… but do you have what it takes to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom? Join Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring, as they set out on an epic quest across Middle-Earth in LEGO The Lord Of The Rings on Nintendo 3DS.

Based on the exciting The Lord Of The Rings motion picture trilogy, LEGO The Lord Of The Rings takes the fantastical world created by J.R.R. Tolkien and recreates it in the LEGO style, complete with all the added fun, humour and creativity that the LEGO videogame franchise is known for. Players of all ages can take on the role of their favourite Fellowship members – Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli and more – and relive the entire story as they try to save Middle-Earth from the evil clutches of Lord Sauron.

From the safety of the Shire and the abandoned depths of the Mines of Moria to the heroic battle at Helm's Deep and Frodo's arrival at the Black Gate of Mordor, every exciting moment of the trilogy is recreated in LEGO form. Experience the adventure alone or co-operatively with a friend via Local Play, working together to overcome obstacles and battle monstrous bosses like the fiery Balrog or the ancient spider Shelob.

  • Experience the entire The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, recreated in the style of the LEGO videogame franchise
  • Battle your way across Middle-Earth in your quest to destroy the One Ring before Lord Sauron reclaims it!
  • Take control of your favourite Fellowship members to fight orcs, goblins, gigantic boss monsters and more
  • Head for Mordor alone or team up with a friend to destroy the One Ring via Local Play

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