What is StreetPass?

Experience a new level of social gaming with StreetPass, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems!

If you carry your Nintendo 3DS with you wherever you go, it’ll automatically search for and exchange data with other powered on Nintendo 3DS systems, whether you’re actively using the system or even if it’s tucked away in Sleep Mode. You control what data you exchange (if any) and this data can then be used to play unique new games or access extra content in StreetPass-enabled titles.

Cross paths with another player and you’ll receive their Mii character and gameplay profiles. You can also see what games those around you are playing, share messages with people that you pass regularly, and unlock new gameplay elements in titles that you’ve enabled StreetPass for. When the notification light shows green, you’ve received StreetPass data!


The Nintendo 3DS system’s range of built-in Instant Software allows you to play games that are only possible on Nintendo 3DS in StreetPass Mii Plaza. You can also send information about your favourite music with Nintendo 3DS Sound – can you find a passer-by that shares your taste in tunes?

Certain titles are enhanced with StreetPass functionality, bringing new possibilities to a range of games. Show off your pets in nintendogs + cats, proudly exchange a copy of your home in Animal Crossing: New Leaf or send your army off to battle in Fire Emblem: Awakening – and that’s just the beginning. Find out more about StreetPass-enabled titles in the Games with StreetPass section.