Welcome to Nintendo Direct

Welcome to Nintendo Direct! Find out all the latest Nintendo of Europe news right here! Watch the presentation by Satoru Shibata - Nintendo of Europe's President - to hear the hottest release news and games info for the European market.

Main presentation summary

Time Topic
00:07 Mr Iwata introduces Nintendo Direct
02:19 Mr Shibata begins European presentation
02:31 Mario Tennis Open
08:05 Kid Icarus: Uprising
11:20 Heroes of Ruin
15:14 Pokémon announcements
18:22 Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
21:12 Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]
25:09 Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
27:27 Nintendo 3DS System Update
29:57 Louvre-Nintendo 3DS
31:26 New Super Mario Bros. 2
32:56 Presentation ends