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  • Nintendo Switch Sports Tips and Tricks


    Nintendo Switch Sports Tips and Tricks

    Whether you’re aiming to reach the very top of the Pro Leagues, or just get one over on your loved ones at the next family game night, we’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks to help you emerge victorious in Nintendo Switch Sports. Check it out!


    Getting the better of your opponent in Tennis is all about using the right shots at the right time. In Nintendo Switch Sports, there are three tennis shots you can use at various times to give yourself an advantage:



    Twist your wrist over the ball as you hit it to add topspin to your shot and send the ball flying! Hitting a topspin shot whilst at the net will give your opponent very little time to react.



    Alternatively, you can twist your wrist in a scoop-like motion to curve the ball to the side. Hitting a shot that curves away from your opponent can make it very difficult for them to reach the ball for a return.



    Swinging the Joy-Con controller from low to high will execute a lob shot. These are slower shots, so they’re great to use when your opponent has been making you run left and right so much that you’re low on stamina. A well-executed lob can buy you time to reset your stance and catch your breath!


    Since the Ver 1.2.0 update released in winter 2022, you can use the Leg Strap accessory in Football matches too. In Leg Strap Mode, there’s no kicking to the left or right, so make sure to swing your leg straight forward. The direction the ball will go when you kick can be seen from the arrow displayed when you approach the ball.


    You can, however, kick horizontal to the ball to add some curve and surprise your opponents. It’s a tricky technique to master, but once you do you’ll be able to score goals from positions where you don’t look like a threat.

    You can also perform curved shots in two-hand mode by twisting either the left or right Joy-Con controller. If you select Free camera in the settings when playing two-hand mode you can use the Right Stick to move the camera too, giving you the best view to perform the shot!


    Using the Right Stick in Volleyball to change your player’s location can be key to victory. Once you’ve gotten used to the basics, try making adjustments to your position to block and bump your opponent’s shots and spikes.


    It’s not just about defence though, you can also use the Right Stick to perform a Slide Attack. Move left or right after bumping the ball to wrong-foot your opponent and launch a devastating spike! Try jumping as soon as your team-mate sets the ball to perform a quick spike and catch the opposing team unawares!


    Did you know?

    If you missed out on any items during the weekly cycle, there’s a chance to get them again! Since the Ver 1.4.0 update released in March 2023, if you collect all the currently available items, a collection of items that you did not complete before will become available**. There are also a number of special items you can earn by fulfilling certain conditions…


    Spares and strikes are the key to success in Bowling, as we’re sure you know! This is even more the case in Survival Bowling. With additional points awarded for subsequent throws, getting a strike or spare in your first two throws will go a long way to ensuring you progress to the second round.


    Twist your wrist slightly as you bowl and try to curve the ball so it hits between the front pin and the one behind it in the second row. Bowling lanes are traditionally oiled in the front part of the lane, so you’ll see more turn as the ball gets closer to the pins. Bear that in mind when you come across the obstacles on Special Lanes too!


    Mis-hitting the shuttlecock will result in a wobbly shot, giving your opponent a chance to return with a smash. There are a couple of things you can do to avoid that though, and maybe force an opportunity for a smash yourself.


    First off is to not strike the shuttlecock too early or if it’s too far away from you. Secondly, always try to swing the Joy-Con according to height of the shuttlecock. If it’s higher up, swing from top to bottom in an overhand motion. If it’s lower down, swing bottom to top for an underhand shot.

    Stringing the correct shots together will gradually buy you more time and potentially force your opponent into a wobbly shot themselves. Then you can fire in that smash winner and claim the point for yourself!


    There are three different swords available in Chambara, so let’s take a look at them individually for the best approach to take:



    This is the strongest of the three options, but wildly swinging your Joy-Con controller around will actually weaken your attacks. Watch your opponent closely, and strike only when you see an opening for maximum impact.


    Charge Sword

    When using the Charge Sword, if you guard just before your opponent strikes you’ll get a ‘Timely Block’ and knock them back a considerable distance! Follow up with a strike of your own to drive home the advantage.


    Twin Swords

    The benefit of Twin Swords is making it hard for your opponent to guess which direction you’re going to attack from. It can be tricky at first, but try to keep the swords pointing in different directions to make it harder for them. Unleash attacks to charge up and capitalise with a Spinning Strike.


    Twisting your wrist slightly will allow you to curve your shots in Golf*. Executing this kind of swing can help you curve around objects like trees and find a shorter route to the green. Use the wind to your advantage too and you’ll be consistently under par in no time at all!


    It’s always good to practise your swing a few times before you tee off for real too. This can help you get a feel for how much power you’ll be putting into your shot. The dots on the Shot Meter correspond to those on your mini map, so this will give you a great insight as to where your ball may end up!

    We hope you found these tips helpful. Nintendo Switch Sports is available now, only on Nintendo Switch!

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    **Reissued items may vary depending on when each user played in Play Globally for the first time. Items that were avialable before a user first played Play Globally will not appear in the Reissued Items reward list.