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  • Professor E. Gadd’s top 10 tips for ghost hunting success!


    Professor E. Gadd’s top 10 tips for ghost hunting success!

    Are you new to this ghost-catching tomfoolery? My name’s Professor E. Gadd, and I’ve found myself in quite the paranormal predicament… The Dark Moon has shattered, and now troublemaking phantoms are running amok all over Evershade Valley!
    Lucky for you, I’ve got plenty of research that’ll help you put a stop to their ghoulish tricks – so listen up!

    1: Stun ‘em in a flash!

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    Having no luck vacuuming up those blasted ghosts? The Strobulb should do the trick! Press the A Button to hit those pesky ghouls with a flashlight beam that’ll leave ‘em stunned and ready for vacuuming. Charge the Strobulb up and you’ll unleash a bigger flash that can stun multiple foes in one go!

    2: The art of reeling in ghosts

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    Once you’ve got a ghost (or three) on the line, hold on tight – they won’t go down without a fight! Quickly tilt the Left Stick in the opposite direction they’re pullin’ to wear down their stamina. Oh, and make sure to press the A Button to activate the Poltergust 5000’s Power Surge – it will help you vacuum up those pests, posthaste!

    3: Where am I supposed to go again?

    Did my mission briefing go over your noggin? Not to worry! Pull up the Dual Scream, open the minimap using the - Button, then press the Y Button to check your current objective. You can also peruse the map to see which doors nearby are open and which are locked!

    4: Look around you!

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    These dusty old manors are full of hidden secrets. Try using the Poltergust 5000 to vacuum up anything and everything that catches your eye – a loose floor rug, a torn strip of wallpaper, a billowing curtain… – and you might discover a shortcut, a useful trinket or some valuable treasure, ho ho!

    5: Get the jump on these ghosts!

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    You’re sure to encounter some supernatural specimens in Evershade Valley! Here are a few notes from my research that might come in handy when dealing with them:

    • Greenies love to tinker with things they shouldn’t and wield everyday objects as weapons. Find a way to disarm them, then stun them with the Strobulb when the time is right.
    • Slammers are big red brutes that clap their hands to create shockwaves, so don’t get too close and stun ‘em from a distance.
    • The blue Hiders love to play hide-and-seek in items and furniture, though they’re quite impatient and will lob things at you if you take too long finding them.

    6: Open sesame!


    If you spot a green circular panel like the one shown above, give it a flash with the Strobulb and it should open…in a flash! You’ll find these panels on doors, safes, clocks and plenty of other places, so keep your eyes peeled.

    7: Blow them away


    Criminy! Are you stuck with no exit in sight? Not to worry – my Poltergust 5000 can get you out of almost anywhere! Just press and hold the ZR Button to blast out air. You can roll up rugs to reveal hidden mechanisms, spin fans to open secret passages or inflate balloon-like plants and fly out of there. This nifty function can also launch any items jammed in the Poltergust’s nozzle, ho ho!

    8: Shine a light into the darkness!

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    What in tarnation! It’s hard to believe, but certain spectacular specimens have the ability to cause strange illusions. If you notice something is amiss, fire up the Dark-Light Device and see what you can find. If Spirit Balls suddenly appear, you’ll know you’re onto something. Vacuum them up to reveal objects or a Boo’s hiding spot.

    9: Peek-a-Boo!

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    Trouble’s a-booing! Ahem… These elusive eerie pests may all look the same, but they’ve got their own personalities, with mischief to match. Use the Dark-Light Device to catch them off-guard, then vacuum their tongues to send ‘em flying around the room, whittling down their stamina in the process. Once they’ve had enough bouncing off the walls, hit ‘em with the Poltergust 5000 to bust those bothersome Boos for good!

    10: Put your treasures to good use


    Treasure isn’t there just to look shiny, ya know! Gather up as much of the stuff as you can to upgrade your ghost-hunting gear, including useful enhancements to the Poltergust 5000’s Power Surge and the Dark-Light Device’s charge. Visit my vault between missions to see how much treasure you need to collect to unlock your next upgrade.

    I’d be positively tickled if my research comes in handy on your paranormal escapades. The Evershade Valley isn’t gonna save itself though, so get out there and wrangle up some ghosts, posthaste!

    Thanks for the tips, Professor! Try them out for yourself in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, out now on Nintendo Switch.