StreetPass Mii Plaza


StreetPass Mii Plaza is where all the Mii characters you meet gather together! Carry your powered-on Nintendo 3DS family system with you wherever you go and receive other players’ Mii characters. Go to many places and who knows whose Mii you might happen upon?


In StreetPass Mii Plaza you can discover information about other players, including their most recently played game, the country that they’re from, and even their preferred pet! It’s also the portal to some exciting, never-before-seen approaches to gaming. StreetPass Mii Plaza games use Mii characters in unique games that are only possible on Nintendo 3DS family systems.

If you see the notification light has turned green, check StreetPass Mii Plaza for visitors. Choose a welcome message to send to any passing Mii characters, then play with them in exclusive software. You can even type a personal greeting for people that you run into regularly.

Try to meet Mii characters from many regions to fill up a world map, and use StreetPass regularly to earn Accomplishments! Only 10 Mii characters can visit your StreetPass Mii Plaza at once, so check in often to make sure you don’t miss out on any potential new pals. Don’t forget to customise your own Mii character with unlockable outfits too!

From September 1st 2016, in addition to the current StreetPass Mii Plaza, you can use the SwiftPlay Plaza, which streamlines the way you play the games. When you visit the SwiftPlay Plaza, greeting messages from Mii characters have been simplified, and you can even select a game from the bottom screen and load it up at any time by tapping its icon.


StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium

You can expand your StreetPass Mii Plaza with the purchasable StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium, which includes even more features to enjoy! These premium features include StreetPass Birthdays, where you work towards filling up a calendar with the birthdays of Mii characters you have encountered, and the VIP Room where you can keep Mii characters, such as your friends’ Mii characters, as well as Special Mii characters.

From September 1st 2016, there's also a handy adjustment to the entrance for owners of StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium: the queue feature. Previously, you could only encounter up to 10 players at once via the StreetPass feature. But now, by sending Mii characters you’ve met via StreetPass to the entrance, you can have up to 100 players queued up.

Please note: it is possible to restrict the amount of data exchanged via StreetPass. While greetings, ratings and profile information is exchanged by default, this data can be individually disabled in the StreetPass Mii Plaza settings menu to suit your preferences. It’s even possible to block specific users by adding them to a blocked-user list! Please refer to the Nintendo 3DS Operations Manual for details.