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  • Seven strange phenomena surrounding Nintendo Switch


    Seven strange phenomena surrounding Nintendo Switch

    Do you know about these strange events linked to Nintendo Switch? We’ve collected seven supernatural rumours that were circulating, which may or may not be true. Some of these stories might sound far-fetched, but you’ll just have to find out for yourself…

    1: The disappearing girl…


    Reported in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    This eerie tale comes from a traveller from the Hisui region. While wandering through Jubilife Village one night, the traveller was suddenly approached by a young girl who said she had something very important to talk to them about. Heeding the girl’s words, the traveller then journeyed far and wide to prevent the calamity she had foretold them about. After returning to settle things with the young girl, the traveller looked back only to find the young girl had disappeared without a trace…

    2: A mysterious cry for help


    Overheard in Splatoon 3

    Have you heard about the ominous portable toilet in Splatsville? Rumour has it that if you wait patiently in front of it, you’ll hear a voice from inside that sounds like it’s calling out for help. It’s certainly a grim fate for whoever’s inside…

    3: A mysterious message aired in the dead of night


    Gossiped about in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    They say that if you stay up late watching TV on a Saturday night, long after everyone has gone to bed, you might witness a mysterious phenomenon. This strange transmission is said to occur at 03:33am but no one has even been able to decipher what it means…

    4: An unknown behemoth roars from the icy depths


    Observed in Monster Hunter Rise

    An eerie giant lurks in the Frost Islands at night and emerges from the water with an almighty roar that will make your heart skip a beat! There is even a rumour among sailors that this monster reacts to your gestures, but it seems few people have actually witnessed this. Could it be true...?

    5: A flying Sphynx!?


    Spotted in Super Mario Odyssey

    Apparently, something that looks like a flying Sphynx has been sighted in the skies of New Donk City. It’s hard to believe something of that size would be flying through the air. There’s even some awfully specific advice to Capture the binoculars at the Main Street entrance and look up at the sky in the northwest direction. Maybe you should give it a try.

    6: The sudden appearance of the dazzling creature


    Sighted in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    This true story took place at the foot of a (certain) mountain in Hyrule. Someone was eating their lunch under a cherry-blossom tree when they felt a strange presence nearby. They turned around to see a majestic creature with a piercing gaze and blue-white fur. But just as soon as they had caught a glimpse of this creature, rays of light burst up towards the sky and the creature vanished... What in the world happened to that divine being?

    7: A strange sound coming from your Nintendo Switch

    To be tried out on…your own Nintendo Switch!?

    If you have screen lock activated on your console, you’ll have seen the prompt to “press the same button three times” when awakening your console from sleep mode. Many people simply press the A Button three times but apparently, if you press the Right Stick three times on this screen, you’ll hear a strange, other-worldly sound.