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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: the weapons of Splatoon 2 – part 2


    The wait is almost over, Splatoon 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch on July 21st and features a ton of weaponry, some of which we detailed in part one of this report.

    We’ve been hard at work here at the Squid Research Lab researching the advantages and disadvantages of the various weapons in the game. Here are seven weapons you can get your hands on when the game arrives:


    This is the Splatterscope, for those that like to stay safe and shoot from afar. The added scope allows for more effective long-distance aiming. Great for hitting far-off targets, but your view is narrow while charging. Because the fancy scope takes up so much space, the ability to store a charge has been dropped from this model. This set comes equipped with Splat Bomb sub weapons and a Sting Ray special.

    Splat Dualies

    The Splat Dualies are the standard model of the new Dualies weapon class. You can carry one in each hand, and their propulsive exhaust nozzles allow you to perform a high-speed dodge roll. You can’t move for a brief period immediately after rolling, but the two sights overlap during that time, increasing your accuracy and fire rate. This base set comes with the Burst Bombs sub and Tenta Missiles special.


    This is the latest model of the iconic Splattershot, an all-around weapon that’s great for mastering the basics of battle. It comes equipped with Burst Bombs as a sub weapon and Splashdown as a special.

    Splat Roller

    The fan-favourite Splat Roller represents the roller class of weapons that excel at close combat and inking turf. Tap to fling ink, or just ink the ground as you run. This set comes with the Curling Bomb sub and Splashdown special. The roller allows you to perform a vertical swing that sends ink flying farther than a standard swing.

    Splat Charger

    The Splat Charger is designed for long-range offence. Charge up ink, then release to fire it out all at once, inking a long path in an instant. This weapon can store its charge, allowing you to swim around for a short time without losing your charge. This kit comes with Splat Bomb sub weapons and a Sting Ray special.


    It’s a bucket, but don’t be fooled! The Slosher can be a brutal weapon in the right hands. It’s basically a bucket of ink that you can toss straight at an opponent. No nonsense. Also great for attacking elevated positions behind walls. This base set comes with a Suction Bomb sub and Tenta Missiles special.

    Heavy Splatling

    This bad boy is the Heavy Splatling. The mechanics are similar to those of a Charger, but it’s in a class of its own. Compress your ink, then release to unleash a fat stream of ink from the cannon. Each charge uses a huge amount of ink, and charging it leaves you exposed for a while, so play smart. This set comes with the Sprinkler sub weapon and Sting Ray special.

    Splatoon 2 launches July 21st only on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about the game by visiting our fresh new Splatoon 2 website, and if you’re looking for more updates be sure to have a look at the Splatoon Facebook page, where we publish all our findings.