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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: Track down Callie in Splatoon 2’s Hero Mode


    The Squid Research Lab has been in meltdown lately after finding out that Callie has mysteriously disappeared. But there’s still hope! You’ll be able to join the search for this beloved Squid Sister when Splatoon 2 arrives July 21st, only on Nintendo Switch.

    We received this video not so long ago showcasing the new Hero Mode in the upcoming sequel but our brave researchers have managed to unearth a few more interesting titbits. Let’s take a look!

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    Unbeknownst to the population of Inkopolis, the fight against the Octarian army rages on. It’s up to you to investigate Octo Canyon, the secret underground world of the Octarians. You won’t be alone though as Callie’s best friend Marie has been keeping a close watch on the Octarians in Cap’n Cuttlefish’s absence. No clue where he is, by the way, we’re mainly just impressed by Marie’s ability to balance her busy lifestyle with this gargantuan responsibility.


    As you progress through Hero Mode, Sheldon will provide you with many different weapons from his shop Ammo Knights. Don’t think he’s acting out of the kindness of his heart, though! Sheldon is a shrewd business-crab, and you’re doing him a favour by testing out new weapons against the Octarians. But fair is fair, and in exchange he’ll make Hero Mode weapons available to you to use in Turf Wars! What a nice chap.

    Throughout Hero Mode, you’ll come across all sorts of bizarre contraptions and this ride rail is just one of them! Hop aboard and you’ll automatically zip along at breakneck speed! Jump while riding to fling yourself high into the air. Show off your freshest tricks as you blaze through stages!


    Meanwhile, this contraption right here is an Inkfurler. When you come across them, they’ll be rolled up tightly, but with a generous splash of ink they unfurl nicely. You can move with ease across an unfurled one, and the force of an unrolling Inkfurler can knock out enemies, too. Move quickly though! Once a certain amount of time has passed – or if hit with enemy ink – it will roll back up.


    And lastly, let’s take a look at some Rolonium. When hit, it’ll roll off with a whole lot of oomph and squish anything in its path – including Octarians! Shoot it at an angle from underneath to launch it into the air. Some Octarians will attack using the Rolonium, but if you time it right, you can whack it right back at them!

    We really can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. If you need to catch up on the whole thing, remember we have the Squid Sisters Stories to get stuck into!

    Don’t forget, Splatoon 2 launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21st. You can drop by our official Splatoon 2 gamepage for more details, including information on new stages, new weapons and more, or check out the official Splatoon Facebook page for the freshest updates!