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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: the weapons of Splatoon 2 – part 1


    Splatoon 2 is now less than one month away! It arrives on Nintendo Switch on July 21st and has a large collection of ink-redible weaponry available for you to try out from the get-go.

    Each weapon also comes with a sub weapon and special weapon that can change the tide of battle in your favour. Experimentation is key – try a variety of combinations with different sub weapons and special weapons to find the play style that suits you! Let’s take a look at some of the arms you’ll find available on July 21st!


    The Blaster is a relative of the Shooter family, but it fires balls of ink that explode in mid-air. It’s a bit lacking in the range and fire-rate departments, but when it hits it leaves its mark. It comes equipped with a Toxic Mist sub and a Splashdown special.


    The Octobrush has dense bristles that fling a thick stream of ink with each swipe. It comes equipped with the Autobomb sub and the Inkjet special to keep distant foes on their toes.

    Splattershot Pro

    Developed for more advanced users by the team behind the classic Splattershot, the Splattershot Pro has incredible precision and solid range. This one is great for players who have a lot of faith in their accuracy and positioning. This set comes equipped with a Point Sensor sub, and you can cover your teammates with the Ink Storm special.

    Dynamo Roller

    High strength and long range are what the Dynamo Roller is all about, but its motor does weigh it down a smidge. It comes with Ink Mines as a sub and the Sting Ray special allows for taking down foes from a comfortable distance. This set appeals to those too stubborn to give up inked turf.


    The Splash-o-matic is a weapon fine-tuned for highly accurate barrages. It’s a little lacking in power, but provides a good cover spread with its rapid fire. It comes equipped with a Toxic Mist sub and Inkjet special. This set is recommended for aggressive players who want to lay the splat down!

    Want to delve into more of the weaponry available? Part 2 of our research report has also been filed for your reading pleasure.

    Splatoon 2 launches July 21st only on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about the game by visiting our fresh new Splatoon 2 website, and if you’re looking for more updates be sure to have a look at the Splatoon Facebook page, where we publish all our findings.