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  • What’s fresh in Splatoon 3’s Fresh Season?


    What’s fresh in Splatoon 3’s Fresh Season?

    Fresh Season is upon us, with the latest free update* for Splatoon 3 bringing plenty of new goodies to keep the Inklings and Octolings of Splatsville occupied. If you’re after the lowdown on what’s in store, look no further – we’ve got it all covered here! Let’s make like a squid with a fresh batch of ink and dive straight in…

    Another Big Run is coming!

    According to Grizzco’s forecasts, the second Big Run will occur from March 4th to March 6th. Defend Inkblot Art Academy from Salmonid invasion, and maybe keep an eye out for the fearsome new King Salmonid seen snaking through the skies of Splatsville. Witnesses are calling it…’Horrorboros’?


    Looking for Eggstra Work?

    If Big Run isn’t enough co-op action for you, then you should pick up an additional Salmon Run shift as part of the new Eggstra Work event. Form a team with friends and take on five waves of Salmonid in a set scenario. The mission is the same each time you play, so hone your strategy and aim for a high score! Grizzco informs us that the first Eggstra Work event is due to take place in April, so keep an eye on the Events page for details!


    Grab some new weapons

    For Inklings and Octolings looking to mix up their arsenal, Fresh Season brings with it a dozen new weapons with which to splat your opponents. Check out the video for what’s on offer!

    New weapons of course means new special weapons too! Introducing the Kraken Royale and the Super Chump!

    New stages for splatting

    Two new stages are being added to the rotation this season. First up is the brand new Um’ami Ruins, a popular tourist spot featuring some interesting excavations:

    Plus, the Manta Maria stage from Splatoon 2 is also docking up for some ship-shape splatting!

    Load up on new Gear and Items

    Take a trip to Splatville’s many shops and you might just spot a whole load of fresh gear up for grabs. In fact, they’re now so well-stocked that all merchants have upped their on-offer wears to nine items at once. There are a bunch of extra decorations for kitting out your locker too!

    Check out the fresh new Catalog

    Of course, it wouldn’t be Fresh Season without a fresh catalog to get your tentacles on. New emotes, gear, decorations and more await as you level up. Happy splatting!

    Take Tableturf Battles online**

    You can now take on other players in Tableturf Battle! Head to the upper level of the lobby – or over to the Shoal – and you can create a room for some comradely card-based combat. There are 23 new card types to build your deck with too!

    Listen to your favourite tracks

    Head to the Lobby and you’ll find this strange contraption…


    Drop in 100G and you’ll be able to change the music playing in the Lobby. That’s right, it’s a jukebox! Give your favourite tunes a spin as you practise in the test range, or just chill out with Judd to your favourite bop.

    And of course, Splatfests!

    Keep an eye out for details on this season’s upcoming Splatfests. If you’ve picked up the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass you’ll be able to head to Inkopolis to see the Squid Sisters in action during the festivities!

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