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  • Prepare for your Pokémon Legends: Arceus adventure with these newcomer tips!


    Prepare for your Pokémon Legends: Arceus adventure with these newcomer tips!

    The vast wilderness of Hisui awaits in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, out now on Nintendo Switch! As the newest member of the Galaxy Expedition Team, you’ll explore this sprawling region, studying the wild Pokémon that inhabit it – be they friendly or…not so friendly.

    Here are some tips that are sure to come in handy as you explore the Hisui region!

    1: Use the back strike technique

    When catching or starting battles with wild Pokémon, try sneaking up on them and throwing a Poké Ball at your target’s back. Doing so will catch the Pokémon off-guard, increasing your chances of a successful capture or giving you an opportunity to attack before the wild Pokémon realises what’s happened. No one expects the element…of surprise!

    2: Watch out for incoming attacks!


    While some wild Pokémon will happily greet strangers wandering through their habitat (looking at you, Bidoof!), others are not so welcoming and will be quick to attack trespassers. If you’re not planning to battle them with your own Pokémon, you’ll need to avoid their incoming attacks! Use the Y Button to dodge out of the way as you retreat to a safe distance.

    3: Rest up at Base Camps


    Your Pokémon will need to rest up regularly – especially on long excursions. Visit Base Camps out in the field and take a nap in the tent to give your Pokémon a chance to recover. Even a short nap is enough to get your party back in tip-top shape!

    4: Earn Exp. Points when gathering materials


    You can throw a Poké Ball containing one of your Pokémon at certain trees to knock items out of them or at rocks to mine them for useful materials. As a little bonus, the Pokémon that helps you gather these items will receive some Exp. Points. Every little helps!

    5: Increase your satchel’s storage

    With so many useful materials to gather, you’re bound to fill your pockets completely from time to time. Remedy that by dropping off materials in the Item Boxes located at Base Camps. Better yet – speak to Bagin at the Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village. Bagin knows a thing or two to help increase your satchel’s storage capacity, but his advice won’t come cheap!

    6: Plan ahead in battle!

    Unlike past Pokémon games you might have played, in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you can press the Y Button during a battle to see the action order. Use this to determine how the battle will flow and plan your strategies to emerge victorious.

    7: When to use Strong or Agile attacks

    Once a Pokémon has mastered a move, they’ll be able to use it in either Strong or Agile styles. These styles can be used in many different ways, but here are a couple of pointers:

    • Using Strong Style will beef up your attack’s power but means you might need to wait a bit longer until your next turn.
    • If you want to reduce the damage caused by an attack so you have the opportunity to catch a Pokémon while it’s weakened, you should consider Agile Style. Using this style will increase your odds of being able to attack more times in a row.

    One thing to keep in mind is that using either style will consume twice as much PP, so use them wisely.

    8: Quicker access to Pokémon and items in battle


    Want to quickly switch out Pokémon or use items mid-battle without bringing up a menu and leaving the action? Select the Pokémon or item you want to use using the mini menu in the bottom right corner of the battle screen and press the ZR button.

    9: Mix up your Pokémon’s moves!

    Pokémon sometimes learn new moves to use in battle when they level up. However, your Pokémon won’t forget old moves in order to learn new ones. Open your satchel, select a Pokémon and select the “Change moves” option to mix and match new and older moves!

    10: Increase your luck with charms

    If you want to give yourself a little extra luck on your excursions, talk to Lucille at the shrine in Jubilife Village to purchase a charm. For example, the Tempting Charm will reduce items lost if you black out, while the Warding Charm allows you to avoid the effects of status conditions inflicted by wild Pokémon.

    11: Do your research!


    Even if you encounter a Pokémon that you’ve already caught or battled, it’s still worth surveying them to complete the different research tasks needed to fill that Pokémon’s Pokédex entry. For example, catching it in a different way or seeing it use a certain move in battle could contribute to the Galaxy Team’s research.

    If you press the Down Button while focussing on a wild Pokémon with the ZL Button, you can quickly check which research tasks you still have to complete for that Pokémon.

    12: Evolving your Pokémon

    Some Pokémon can undergo evolution, which changes their appearance and stats. However, this won’t happen automatically like it does in some Pokémon games. If one of your Pokémon is ready to evolve, you can select this option while viewing them in your satchel.

    Want to learn more about the wonders of the Hisui region? Check out our Pokémon Legends: Arceus gamepage to see what else awaits you in this action RPG adventure.