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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: Murch can help customise your gear in Splatoon 2


    When Splatoon 2 arrives this summer on Nintendo Switch it’ll bring with it fresh gear and abilities. It seems the world of fashion in the Inkling world has come a long way in the last two years!


    So what is gear? Well, it’s divided into three types: headgear, clothing, and footwear. From our observations, the gear sold at shops in Inkopolis Square keeps pace with the ever-changing world of squid fashion.


    Each piece of gear comes with abilities that provide a variety of benefits during battle. Using a piece of gear repeatedly will increase the number of abilities it has. Our research has also revealed that gear abilities have changed over the last two years, with a number of new abilities joining some time-tested favourites.


    Gear can even be customised and this young boy will be integral to that. We’ve seen him knocking about and we’ve finally managed to learn his name: meet Murch. Apparently, he looks to Spyke as a role model, and works in the same industry (if not the same organisation) as him.

    Murch is pretty good with his hands, and he uses those nimble digits to perform a special service that resets the additional abilities on a piece of gear, returning it to its original state. From what we can tell, gear abilities you’ve removed from gear will be returned to you. Nice!


    Once you collect enough of them you’ll be able to use them to fill an empty gear slot with a new ability. Theoretically, this means that utilising Murch’s services many times would allow you to mix and match additional gear abilities as you see fit! That would be incredible! Could this young man be even more talented than Spyke himself?

    We don’t know about you but we’re looking forward to trying on some of the new gear in Splatoon 2! Find out more about Splatoon 2 at our official Splatoon 2 gamepage, and get more updates at the official Splatoon Facebook page, where we publish our findings.

    Staaaay fresh!