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  • Get fighting fit with our ARMS 101


    Stretch the limits of your fighting skills in ARMS, out now only on Nintendo Switch. If you’re new to this unique multiplayer fighting game, where players exchange blows using extendable weaponised arms, then you’ve come to the right place. Our ARMS 101 will take you through the basics and give you some pointers that'll help you punch your way to the top!

    First, let’s watch this video to get us pumped up!

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    Get to grips with the Thumbs-up Grip!

    Getting acquainted with your stretchy new arms couldn’t be simpler. Using both Joy-Con in the Thumbs-up Grip position, you can move your fighter around by tilting the Joy-Con in the direction you want to move. Add some jumps and dashes to the mix to keep your foes on their toes!


    When you’re ready to strike, punch by jabbing your hand forward and watch that fist fly! You can even twist the Joy-Con after a punch to curve your character’s arm. How’s that for a powerful hook?

    Learn how to guard and when to grab

    When you've got punches coming your way, you can tilt the Joy-Con inwards to guard. Don’t hold that position for too long though – it’ll leave you open to a grab attack! Dodge out of the way of an incoming grab or, if you’re quick enough, deflect it altogether with a one-arm punch.

    When your rival’s ARMS are disabled or otherwise preoccupied, that’s the perfect opportunity for a grab. Extend both your arms at the same time to grab your opponent, drag them towards you and give 'em a good wallop!

    Give the other control methods a try!

    The Thumbs-up Grip isn’t the only way to play ARMS. Check out all the different control schemes below and find a style that works for you. If you’re playing in handheld mode or using the Joy-Con grip, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately) or a single Joy-Con sideways, you can use the Left Stick to curve your punches.

    Know what you're up against!

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    There’s more to this colourful bunch of fighters beside those flexible arms of theirs. Did you know that Master Mummy heals when he guards, or that Twintelle can actually slow down incoming punches? Each character has a unique talent that makes them a formidable foe, so take the time to get to know each of them at our official ARMS website.

    Here’s some handy advice: bigger fighters can take a few hits without flinching, so if you like to stand your ground, try out some of the burlier brawlers!

    Mix up your ARMS!

    Those fists aren’t just for show, you know! Let's hand it over to ARMS League commentator Biff who's got some nifty tips when it comes to choosing the right ARMS for the job.

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    Thanks Biff! Check out this selection of ARMS recommended for new players or head to the official ARMS website to see all the available ARMS!

    Got a favourite fighter but not digging their selections of ARMS? Use some of your prize money to try your luck with the Get ARMS service and start unlocking ARMS for your fighters!

    Charge up those punches!

    As Biff just mentioned, you can activate your ARM's attributes by charging up your punches. To charge your punches, simply hold down the button after jumping, dashing or guarding.

    Unleash a rush!

    Having a hard time landing punches? Don’t worry! Every fist you hurl contributes towards your rush gauge. Once it’s full, hit the ZL or ZR Button and unleash a ferocious flurry of fists that’ll do some serious damage! Activating a rush will also deflect any incoming punches in that instant!


    When you’re on the receiving end of a rush attack, guard to help soften the blow or dodge it until it’s over! Feeling lucky? You might be able to throw a punch or grab to cancel an opponent’s rush early!

    Get some practice in!

    Need some more practice? Head to Training mode to get the basics down and try out some advanced moves too. You can also give the ARMS Test a try and see how you fare with a random selection of ARMS at your disposal.

    How'd that strike you? Feeling ready to take on the competition? Continue your training at the official ARMS website, and check out more tips over at our How to play section!

    ARMS is available in shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop now, only on Nintendo Switch. The neon yellow Joy-Con Pair, neon yellow Joy-Con Straps and Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Pair accessories are also available.