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  • Take a peek inside our Luigi's Mansion 2 teaser site


    What’s green and goes bump… “Ouch!” in the night? One of gaming’s best supporting actors is about to get his time in the spotlight when Luigi’s Mansion 2 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL launches on March 28th.

    You can get a taste of the spooky goings-on that await Mario’s scaredy-cat sibling over at our brand new Luigi’s Mansion 2 teaser site. Get better acquainted with Luigi, Professor E. Gadd and the troublesome Evershade Valley ghosts that haunt the multiple mansions of this action adventure romp. If you dare, switch off the lights for a spooky surprise…

    With stacks of varied mansions filled with wily ghosts, plus online and local multiplayer for up to four courageous ghost hunters, Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be a sure-fire way to scare up some fun!

    Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be available on March 28th – only on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.