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    How to Check the Error History


    Instructions on how to view the Error History information on Nintendo Switch.

    Additional Information:

    • When an error code is received on the Nintendo Switch console, it will be saved within the error history log for future reference.
    • The 10 most recent errors will be saved to the console's error history, with the most recent errors being displayed towards the top of the list.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Select "System Settings" from the HOME Menu. hac_screenshot_homemenu_systemsettings.jpg
    2. Select "Support/Health & Safety."
    3. Select "Error History." hac_screenshot_systemsettings_supporthealthandsafety2.jpg
    4. A list of recent errors will be displayed. Scroll through the list, and select the error you wish to view.
    5. Once selected, you can choose from the following options:
      • View the Error
        Displays the error message associated with the error code.
      • Network
        Displays information on the network settings at the time of the error.
      • Software
        Displays information on the software used at the time of the error.
      • System
        Displays information on the console settings at the time of the error.

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