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  • Prep for your origami adventure with these 10 Paper Mario: The Origami King tips!


    Prep for your origami adventure with these 10 Paper Mario: The Origami King tips!

    Paper Mario: The Origami King is out now on Nintendo Switch, and you’ve got a paper world to save! If you’re new to the Paper Mario series or just need a little extra help overcoming King Olly’s Folded Soldiers, here are some handy tips to help increase your chances of success!

    Ask Olivia for help


    Mario’s new companion Olivia is just as excited as you are to explore this huge paper-y world! Press the X Button at any time while you’re exploring and she’ll gladly give you a hint at what you need to do or where to go next.

    Look out for origami oddities

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    Seen any stray bits of origami littering the landscape? Give ‘em whack with your hammer! More often than not, it’ll reveal a Toad folded up by the Origami King. As thanks for unfolding them, Toads may reward you with some coins, an useful item or even just a bit of friendly advice.

    Get the jump on your foes!

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    Surprise Folded Soldiers roaming around by thwacking them with your hammer or jumping on them. It’s a nifty way to rack up some extra damage before the battle begins!

    Equip your weapons


    Be sure to equip any new boots and hammers you’ve collected via the “Weapons” tab in the main menu. These weapons will break with repeated use, so it helps to have some back-ups ready! Don’t worry about being caught without a weapon though – your basic boots and hammer never break.

    Don’t forget about items


    Looking a little crumpled during battle? Use Mushrooms to heal any paper cuts you may have earned fighting the Folded Soldiers, as well as offensive items like Fire Flowers and POW Blocks to tear through your opponents’ defences.

    Accessorise your arsenal


    You’ll also collect Accessories that bestow all sorts of bonuses when equipped, such as boosting your HP (health points) in battle or even slashing the prices of items sold in shops. After buying one of these fashionable fixtures, remember to equip it in the "Accessories" tab in the main menu. There is a limited to how many you can wear at one time, so choose carefully.

    Time is money!

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    Just can’t figure out how to perfectly line up your foes? Use coins you’ve racked up on your adventure to buy yourself more time to solve a puzzle. You’ll find coins throughout the world and earn loads of them by winning battles, so don’t be afraid to spend some dough!

    Have the Toads cheer you on

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    If you’re struggling to line up enemies in battle, get your adoring Toad audience to lend a hand! Flash them some cash and they’ll rush the stage to help by clobbering enemies, giving you a healing item, and maybe even solving parts of a puzzle.

    Visit Toad Town often


    As you rescue more and more Toads, swing by Toad Town to see what new shops and places of interest have opened up as a result of your good deeds! Keep an eye on the latest Toad Town updates by checking notifications that can be viewed on the Info tab. Something useful may be awaiting you!

    Check out the Battle Lab

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    Visit the Battle Lab in Toad Town to work on your attack and block timings, complete special puzzle-solving challenges, and even take on bosses you previously defeated! After certain points in your adventure, you can even pick up special gadgets from the Battle Lab that will help make combat that bit easier, by extending the puzzle timer or even giving you the solution.

    And there you have it! With these tips, you’ll be thwarting King Olly’s evil plans before you can say mountain fold! For more information on Mario and Olivia’s escapades, head on over the Paper Mario: The Origami King gamepage. For the latest on all things Mario, follow the Super Mario UK account on Twitter or join the Super Mario community on Facebook.