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  • 07: Gooigi's Completion
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    Professor E.Gadd's Research Journal

    07: Gooigi's Completion

    After putting my life in danger and ultimately failing to eliminate Gooigi's weaknesses, I nevertheless picked myself up and immediately threw myself into a new experiment.

    My new goal? Bending Gooigi's actions to my will!


    While Gooigi is capable of independent action, I have noticed on occasion that he can be...unpredictable. Perhaps it is just in his nature as a nonhuman entity, but he does not always act in a sensible manner. For example, no matter how badly I wanted him to sneak up on ghosts, he always ended up brazenly charging forward, scaring them off! If I was only able to control him more precisely, I'm positive I could collect ghosts even more efficiently than before.


    With this goal in mind, I embedded a special chip into Gooigi. This chip was designed to let me dictate Gooigi's actions with a controller, and it worked! Gooigi would walk in the direction I indicated as soon as I used the controller. A perfect success! Or so I thought; walking was one thing, but I ran into issues when using the Poltergust.

    I pressed the button to signal Gooigi to use the Poltergust's vacuum function, but instead he triggered the Strobulb! After some troubleshooting, I finally got him to use the vacuum, but then he wouldn't stop! He just stood there, sucking up nothing in particular.


    I analyzed the controller's algorithm and made change after change to its systems, but nothing seemed to work. Frustrating! However, in my annoyance, I accidentally brushed the controller... Suddenly Gooigi, who was still using the vacuum feature on the bare wall, turned in my direction. Before I knew what was happening, the suction power of the Poltergust had me by the hair, drawing me in!

    It was only a matter of seconds before my hair and head were in the nozzle, and I could feel myself being pulled steadily inward! At this rate, I would be undone by my own invention! I struggled and fought in an effort to free myself, but to no avail; the power of the Poltergust is, as it turns out, greater than its creator!


    With more than half my head pulled inside, I made my peace and prepared for the end. Just as I did so, however, my foot caught on something on the floor. Before I knew what was happening, I was sprawled out on the ground, free from my high-suction fate!

    It turned out that, in my final moments, I had inadvertently kicked a bucket and mop over. The water within the bucket spilled out and melted Gooigi the moment it touched him, setting me free. I cannot express how pleased I am now about my failure to fix Gooigi's weakness to water. Heh heh heh!


    Of course, having narrowly escaped death, I took that as a sign to stop what I was doing... Just kidding! I carried on without fear! I did have a new idea to try out, though: what if I abandoned the controller idea and instead worked on developing a way to transfer my consciousness into Gooigi. In essence, I would become Gooigi!

    In truth, this idea was related to another objective I was exploring. I'd been thinking about how convenient it would be if Gooigi was stored in the Poltergust when he wasn't in use, and the task of developing a new Poltergust for such a purpose was going well.

    Thanks to this new Poltergust, Gooigi could be deployed or recalled at will. With this connection, I pondered whether I could also use the same system to transfer the conscious mind of whoever was wearing the Poltergust directly over to Gooigi!


    With the idea burning in my brain, I got to work adding yet one more improvement to this new Poltergust. I attached a sensor to the part of the Poltergust that would touch the user's back, and then tested the system on the only available subject: myself. And everything went as planned! Heh heh heh!

    By basically becoming Gooigi, I was now able to control his body as if it were my very own!

    However, since I had completely transferred my consciousness from my own body to Gooigi's, my body appeared to enter a sleep-like state so long as I was operating Gooigi. Oh well! It is a minor hinderance at best, and well worth this new ability, especially since this system allows me to quickly transfer my consciousness between myself and Gooigi. If either body is in danger, I can quickly switch between them to deal with any issues.


    And thus the new-and-improved Poltergust was complete! Storing Gooigi, transferring consciousness... There was much to celebrate! And as always, I did so with a wonderful cup of my Lunoman Greenie coffee blend. At the same time, a letter arrived for me...

    It was an invitation sent by the owner of a luxurious hotel in a region long thought to be home to extremely rare ghosts. And the owner was inviting me to stay there, free of charge!


    It seemed the owner had a keen interest in seeing King Boo, who Luigi captured for me during the crisis in Evershade Valley. He'd been a part of my collection ever since, and the owner of the hotel said she would happily compensate me if she could see him face-to-face! In fact, she wrote that, if I were to bring King Boo along with me on my hotel stay, she'd give me her priceless ghost collection...free of charge! What an amazing opportunity! Such a simple request to expand my collection? How could I say no?!

    With a spring in my step and my head filled with dreams of adding even more new ghosts to my collection, I packed up the new Poltergust and Gooigi, along with a Boo Canister containing King Boo, loaded the lot into my car, and set out for the hotel...