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  • 04: That Nostalgic Mansion
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    Professor E.Gadd's Research Journal

    04: That Nostalgic Mansion

    Now that I have successfully caused Gooigi to assume Luigi's shape and have taught him to wield the Poltergust, I've decided some practical experience catching ghosts is in order! But where to do that...

    I mustn't forget that, if I hope to make use of Gooigi's Goo-based properties to give him capabilities beyond those of a normal person, I'll need ghost energy from beyond Evershade Valley. Thus, sending Gooigi elsewhere could solve both my problems! He would learn more from fighting ghosts, and he could collect ghosts for me at the same time! Heh heh heh!


    But where could he accomplish both of these objectives at once? As always, a deep gulp from my Lunoman Greenie coffee blend was just what I needed to think of the answer: the mansion where I first met Luigi! That mansion had been crawling with all kinds of interesting ghosts, so clearly there was no place better suited to this task!


    The mansion vanished some time ago, so it would be impossible for Gooigi to just walk there...but this is a problem easily solved! All I had to do was modify the Pixelator to enable it to connect to the past! Simple! With that done, it was just a matter of contacting my past self and Luigi, asking them to help out, and sending Gooigi to them!


    After some time, I recalled Gooigi from his adventures to check up on him and...jackpot!

    Not only had he succeeded wonderfully at every test and challenge he'd faced, but he'd collected So. Many. Ghosts!


    With all of these ghosts in my collection – and a fresh pour of my Lunoman Greenie coffee blend – my mind ran wild with the possible interactions between ghost energies and Goo.