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  • 06: Gooigi's Weaknesses
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    Professor E.Gadd's Research Journal

    06: Gooigi's Weaknesses

    Having succeeded in imbuing Gooigi with his new, malleable ability, I began research into addressing his greatest weaknesses. With his vulnerability to fire or water, Gooigi was not yet perfect...


    First, I tried reducing the molecular bonds in Goo, resulting in a mostly liquid version. My theory was that liquid Goo could extinguish the fire, but alas, things did not work out. Although Goo did retain most of its properties while also being that much closer to a liquid, it still melted the moment it contacted the flames.


    Next, I decided to try increasing the bonds of Goo's molecules. I'd hardly started my experiment, however, when something unexpected happened!

    Just as I began to decant the more rigid Goo, that darned Polterpup jumped up on me in excitement, bumping the compound in my hand and sending it flying onto my head! Before I could act, the newly mixed Goo began to run down my body, hardening as it went!


    This simply wouldn't do! The Goo was already much too rigid for me to peel it off, and as it hardened further over my eyes, nose, and mouth, I found it more and more difficult to breathe!

    Realising the peril of my situation, I rushed from the room!

    As I gasped for breath, the world around me grew dim...


    Some time later, I awoke on the floor of the shower. I still don't remember exactly what happened, but I must have made it to the shower and turned on the water to wash the Goo away. If it hadn't been for its weakness to water, Goo may have been the last thing I ever made!

    Not even a near-death experience could stop my inventive spirit, though! I performed hundreds of tests (carefully), but I could not find any way to eliminate Goo's weaknesses... I now believe that there must be something in the process of transforming ghost energy into Goo that generates these flaws.

    With a heavy heart, I accepted that eliminating these weaknesses was a task beyond even my own genius. Regrettable, but such things happen!


    Fortunately, I am gifted at finding the bright side to a poor situation! In the experiments where I varied the stiffness of Goo, I succeeded at improving Gooigi's viscosity! His ability to slip through tight spaces is certainly a selling point, but if he simply fell through every grate he came across whether he wanted to or not... Well, that wouldn't do at all! Thanks to my rigorous testing, however, Gooigi gained the ability to use his own strength to slip through cracks at will!

    Additionally, with his new level of viscosity, Gooigi should be able to handle tasks that don't require too much effort, like opening the drawers of a dresser. However, the effort to do things like turning doorknobs and opening doors is too much! Such things are still beyond his grasp. Heh heh heh!

    Now then, I should document Gooigi's weaknesses.


    Weakness #1:

    Dissolves upon contact with water or fire. Note that direct contact with liquid H2O will cause this reaction, but rooms containing water vapour or steam do not.


    Weakness #2:

    Loses consistency when struck by powerful attacks. While Gooigi is somewhat resistant to physical blows, he can not hold up to repeated or powerful attacks.


    Weakness #3:

    Can't turn doorknobs. Things that can be opened with the minimum amount of force are fine, such as drawers or treasure chests, however.

    I find myself exhausted after my brush with a Goo-y death. I think I'll let the soothing aroma of a cup of Lunoman Greenie coffee blend wash over me as I ponder my next experiment.