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    How can I transfer a child account to another admin/family group?

    You can access the child account transfer feature here.

    Additional Information:

    A child account can be managed by only one Nintendo Account, the family group admin. However, you can transfer a child account to another admin in order to reorganise your family groups. If the new admin already manages a family group, the child account will become a member of that group. If they are not, then a new family group will be created with the child account and the new admin.

    In order to become the admin of a child account, a Nintendo Account needs to fulfil the following requirements:

    • Registered age of 18 years or older
    • Same country/region setting as the child account
    • Not managed by another Nintendo Account themselves

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Sign in to your Nintendo Account.
    2. Go to the "Transfer to another family group" page.
    3. Choose the child account you want to move to a different admin and select OK. It is possible to select and move multiple child account at once.
    4. Enter the email address registered with the new admin's Nintendo Account and select OK.
    5. Confirm that there are no mistakes in the selection for transfer or in the new admin's email address.
      • Please note that once the email has been sent, you cannot cancel the request!
    6. Select "Send email". An email requesting confirmation of the transfer by the new admin will be sent immediately.

    Having received the email, the owner of the Nintendo Account intended to become the new admin must:

    1. Open the email and follow the confirmation link within.
    2. Sign in to their Nintendo Account.
    3. Review the information on screen, accept the Nintendo Account Agreement and acknowledge the Nintendo Account Privacy Policy on behalf of the child.
    4. Select "Accept transfer" to confirm the transfer of the child account.