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    What Is the Difference Between a General Nintendo Account and a Nintendo Account for a Child?

    General Nintendo Accounts and Nintendo Accounts for children are different in the following ways:

    • An e-mail address cannot be registered to an account for a child. Any e-mail notifications are sent to the e-mail account registered within the parent/guardian's Nintendo Account.
    • Nintendo Accounts for children can be created for users age 0 through 17. General Nintendo Accounts can only be created by users age 16 and older who have an e-mail account.
    • Some My Nintendo missions can only be completed by users with a Nintendo Account.
    • Nintendo Accounts for children can be linked to a Nintendo Network ID only. They cannot be linked to Google accounts or Apple IDs.
    • All Nintendo Accounts created for children aged 15 and under are automatically set up as a supervised account in the Nintendo Account family group.

    Other than these points, they function almost identically.