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    How to Remove a Nintendo Account from a Family Group


    Instructions on releasing a Nintendo Account from a family group.

    Additional Information:

    • Users with supervised accounts who are under the age of 16 OR who have not yet registered an email address cannot be removed from a family group. However, these accounts can be transferred to a different family group.
    • When a member is removed, all Nintendo eShop restrictions will be lifted and account history will not be visible to the supervisor anymore.
    • Nintendo Switch Online family membership is available to all users in the membership owner's family group.
      • If a member leaves the owner's family group, they will no longer be covered by that family membership.
      • If the membership owner leaves the group, the other members of the family group will no longer be covered by that family membership.

    Complete These Steps:

    • Family group members can be removed by either the family group admin, or by a member removing themselves.

    Who is removing the member from the family group?

    1. Sign in to the Nintendo Account of the family group admin.
    2. Select Family Group.
    3. Select Manage family group.
    4. Select Remove a family group member.
    5. Select Select this person next to the family group member that you want to remove.
    6. Review the information on the screen, then select Confirm to remove that member from the family group.
      • This does not delete the user’s Nintendo Account. It will still function as a standard Nintendo Account, and the user can be added back to the family group in the future.

    1. Sign in to your Nintendo Account.
    2. Select Family Group.
    3. Select Leave this family group in the lower-right corner.
    4. Select Leave family group again to leave the group.
      • Please note that there are limits in place on joining and leaving family groups.