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    The power suddenly turns OFF.

    The following are some possible reasons for sudden loss of power:

    Power of at least 5V/1.0A/5W is not being supplied.

    In order for the system to work, it needs a constant supply of power that is at least 5V/1.0A/5W. Even if the power supply you are using does not meet that specification, the system may work temporarily, but it may also be unstable. Please try using a different piece of power source equipment.

    The Auto-Shutdown feature is activated.

    This is a feature that will automatically shut off the power.

    It can be disabled from “Options” in the HOME Menu. If there is no input detected from the controller for 60 minutes, the game will be saved and the power will automatically turn off. The next time you start the game, the unregistered suspend point will appear in the HOME Menu. You may continue where you left off by starting the game from this suspend point.

    The USB cable is not fully inserted.

    Check if the bundled USB cable is fully inserted into the system and the power supply equipment.

    If the power still shuts off after trying the above, please Contact Us.