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    Nintendo 3DS Game Cards cannot be read, or cannot be read properly

    If possible test various Nintendo 3DS Game Cards in your system.

    • If only one Game Card does not work in your Nintendo 3DS system, please check if this Game Card works properly in another Nintendo 3DS system.
    • If the error also occurs with another Nintendo 3DS system, the Game Card is faulty.
    • If none of the Nintendo 3DS Game Cards work, or if there are several that do not work properly on your Nintendo 3DS system, the system is faulty.
    • If there is no option for testing various Game Cards or Nintendo 3DS systems, the fault may be directly with the Nintendo 3DS system or with the Nintendo 3DS Game Card.

    Who published the faulty software?  → For information about the publisher, please refer to the contact details in the software manual.