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  • Upcoming Nintendo Switch games – May 2024


    Upcoming Nintendo Switch games – May 2024

    Coming soon to Nintendo Switch, dive into an ever-changing tranquil ocean, explore a sprawling metropolis as a lost cat, unfold a hilarious adventure with Mario, and a whole lot more! Check out this selection of games launching in May, and don’t forget to click on any that catch your eye for pre-orders, purchases, or to add them to your Wish List!

    Endless Ocean Luminous – May 2nd

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    Embark on a serene oceanic journey in Endless Ocean Luminous. Survey a mysterious underwater world that changes with each dive, encounter over 500 species of aquatic life, seek out buried treasures, and more. Explore these seas at your own relaxed pace, solo or in online expeditions of up to 30 players.

    Little Kitty, Big City – May 9th


    A peaceful catnap turns into a whimsical open-world adventure in Little Kitty, Big City. Finding your way home is your main priority, but there’s plenty to do along the way. Why not help out the local animals, get petted by humans, or just knock stuff over? Y’know, normal cat stuff!

    ANIMAL WELL – May 9th


    Encounter lively creatures small and large, helpful and ominous in the nonlinear platforming adventure, ANIMAL WELL. Explore a dense, interconnected labyrinth, making clever use of your environment and items found along the way to unravel the well’s secrets.

    Biomutant – May 14th


    Explore a world in turmoil and define its fate in Biomutant. Combine mutant ability action with melee shooting combat and martial arts in this post-apocalyptic action RPG where your choices will determine how the story ends. Will you be the world’s saviour or lead it to an even darker destiny?

    Lysfanga : The Time Shift Warrior – May 14th


    Rewind time to create clones of your past-selves, and fight with an army of your own in Lysfanga : The Time Shift Warrior. Become legion and triumph over hordes of monsters to rescue the realm of Antala in this tactical action game.

    Lorelei and the Laser Eyes – May 16th


    An old hotel somewhere in central Europe houses a surreal and chilling puzzle adventure from the creators of Sayonara Wild Hearts. Immerse yourself in a murder mystery like no other, solving riddles to decipher the enigma of Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – May 23rd

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    A hilarious adventure full of colourful characters and foldable fun awaits in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Join Mario and a quirky cast of new and familiar faces as they seek out the ancient Crystal Stars on a journey where comical hijinx await around every corner!

    Duck Detective - The Secret Salami – May 23rd

    Use your powers of de-duck-tion to inspect evidence and fill in the blanks in the cosy mystery adventure of Duck Detective - The Secret Salami. Inspect and interview suspects to learn their hidden secrets, then use the clues you’ve gathered to quack the case!

    Construction Simulator 4 – May 28th


    Construction Simulator 4 takes you to the scenic woods and bays of a fictional map inspired by the Canadian landscape. Overcome special challenges to grow your construction empire, taking on over 100 construction jobs and making use of over 80 vehicles, machines and attachments.

    Of course, there are plenty more games coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future! Check out everything that’s releasing this May.