Game Boy Advance

Console-quality Gaming - Anywhere


In 2001, Nintendo delivered the next generation of portable entertainment into the hands of eager gamers. The Game Boy Advance gives you console-quality gaming in your pocket - and its bright, colourful and finger-intuitive design is still a classic.

Colours Advanced


It's not just the Game Boy Advance screen that's alive with vibrant colours. The handheld was released in range of cool casing colours.

Headphone Jack


A built-in speaker means you don't need headphones to hear your Game Boy Advance games - but plug in some cans and you'll treat your ears to the full power of Game Boy Advance's PCM Stereo Sound System. Multi-layered background music, stunning effects and speech in crisp stereo sound - audio dynamite.

System Size


Despite the superior screen and power boost, Game Boy Advance's dimensions make it the perfect pocket-sized pal. You can bring the blistering brawn of a 32-bit system with you wherever you go.

Battery Power


A simple pair of AA batteries will keep your Game Boy Advance alive for fifteen hours straight - which means it keeps going for 50% longer than the already impressive 10 hours clocked up by Game Boy Color. Please note: like your GBC, GBA can only be played with alkaline batteries.

Connectivity with Nintendo GameCube


Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance aren't just world-beating systems in their own right - by hooking them together with the Game Boy Advance Cable, you'll open the door to a breathtaking world of new videogame experiences. Depending on the game, you'll be able to swap data, unlock new game levels, or use the Game Boy Advance as an input device.

Technical Details

CPU 32-Bit ARM with embedded memory
Memory 32 Kbyte + 96 Kbyte VRAM (in CPU), 256 Kbyte WRAM (external of CPU)
Screen 2.9" TFT reflective screen, 240x160 resolution, 40.8mm x 61.2mm screen size, 32,768 possible colours, 511 simultaneous colours in character mode, 32,768 simultaneous colours in bitmap mode
Size Width 144.5mm / Depth 24.5mm / Height 82mm
Weight 140g
Power 2 AA batteries
Battery Life 15 hours