Game Boy

Classic Pocket Gaming


Everyone loves Game Boy. Packing a huge amount of power into a tiny package, this little console proved a revolution in videogaming when it launched in Japan in 1989. Since then, this pocket-sized system has sold over 100 million units, giving gamers all over the world the freedom to play their favourite games - including Tetris, Super Mario and Pokémon - no matter where they are.

Game Library


All your favourite Nintendo characters - Mario, Yoshi, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Samus Aran and more - can be carried with you wherever you wander, courtesy of Game Boy's catalogue of over 450 games. Whether you're after shoot-'em-ups, platform games, puzzles, fighting games or even sports titles, the original Game Boy has it covered.

Size and Colours


The original Game Boy - initially available only in grey casing - was given a fresh lick of paint with a set of new colours in the early 1990s. In 1997, Nintendo went one better, shrinking the Game Boy's dimensions to create the even smaller Game Boy Pocket series. But whatever its appearance, Game Boy remains focused on granting gamers a mountain of fun in a miniature-sized package.

Technical Details

CPU Custom 8-Bit CMOS, 2.2Mhz clock speed
Memory 64-Kbit static RAM
Screen STN type dot matrix LCD, 160 x 144 pixels, 4 shades of grey
Size 90mm x 148mm x 32mm (Game Boy)
Weight Approx. 300g with batteries (Game Boy)
Power 4 x AA batteries (Game Boy), 2 x AAA batteries (Game Boy Pocket)
Battery Life Approx. 15 hours (Game Boy), approx 10 hours (Game Boy Pocket)
Sound 4-channel FM stereo, Output: Speaker (10mW), Headphones (2mW)