Activity Meter


Two Nintendo DS Activity Meters come bundled with the software Walk With Me! Do you know your walking routine? Once activated, the Activity Meter measures your movement patterns and can be synched with a Nintendo DS Console and Walk With Me! to provide a detailed overview of the data collected.

AC Adapter


A Nintendo DSi or DSi XL AC Adapter comes packaged with every console, and is used to recharge the system’s lithium ion Battery Pack. The AC Adapter can be plugged into the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL either when you are using the system or while it is not in use.

Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector


The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector enables you to connect the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL to the Internet via a PC. You can use this to play Nintendo DS games online that have been especially designed for Nintendo Wi-Fi-Connection.

In order to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector the PC must use Windows XP (at least Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista and have an active broadband Internet connection.

A driver CD is enclosed with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and can be used to install the relevant driver software onto the PC automatically. If you are experiencing problems with the driver software, please download the latest Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector software. Please note that there is no need to update to the latest software if your connection is working without problems.