Nintendo DS and wireless security compatibility (WEP & WPA)

Since the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS are compatible with WPA security, can I play Nintendo DS games online using WPA?
Nintendo DS Game Cards are only compatible with WEP security, and are not compatible with WPA security. So while you can enjoy other online features of the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS with WPA security, you cannot play Nintendo DS games online with any system if your network is secured with WPA.

Important: The Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL must be configured to use connection slots 1, 2, or 3 during the set up process in order to play online multiplayer games. Do not use the "Advanced Setup" configuration, as this is not compatible with online multiplayer gaming. For step-by-step connection information, please click here.


What alternatives do I have to using WEP, or can I make WEP more secure?
If you prefer not to use WEP security, or would like to make your nework more secure when using WEP, there are other options to secure your network.

  • Enable MAC filtering on your network to only allow specific devices to connect. You can find the MAC address of your Nintendo DS by going to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup in the game's menu. Select "Options," then "System Information." The MAC address is displayed on the top line. Please consult your router's operations manual for information on where to enter the MAC address of the Nintendo DS (and any other MAC addresses you'd like to add to the list of allowed devices).
  • Turn your wireless router's "broadcast" setting to "off." This means your network's name will not be shown when other devices search for it; you must know it and enter it exactly into any device you wish to connect to the network. Please consult your router's operations manual for additional information.


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