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Welcome to the Game Boy Advance support area. Here you can find everything from setup assistance to repair information. Scroll down to find the category you need assistance with, or use the drop-down menu below to find the category on this page.

Setup and Installation
Setup and Installation
This section provides information on properly setting up your Game Boy Advance, as well as other connection and start up issues. What you'll find in this section:
Troubleshooting Information
Is your system, accessory, or game not working correctly? This section can help you with your troubleshooting needs.
Repair Information
If the troubleshooting section (see above) didn't solve the problem, please click here to find out what options are available for repair or replacement of your product.

Need help with a Game Boy Advance accessory? Click here for a list of available help and purchase information for accessories for your Game Boy Advance.

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Nintendo GameCube Connectivity
Nintendo GameCube Connectivity
Have questions about connecting your Game Boy Advance(s) to a Nintendo GameCube? This information will explain the general concept, show you how to tell which games are compatible, and provide general instructions for connecting the systems together.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently-Asked Questions
Have a question about using your system, but can't find the answer? Click here to view all the questions, or chose from the popular topics below.

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