e-Reader - Error Messages

Please Note: The steps below apply to both the Game Boy Advance, and the Game Boy Advance SP, unless specially noted.

What sort of Error Message are you receiving?

  • Read Error

    A "Read Error" occurs when one of the following things happen:
    • Card is scanned too fast
    • Card is not touching the bottom of the e-Reader Card Slot
    • Card is not scanned straight
    • Scanning more than one card at a time
    • Scanning with direct bright light on the e-Reader Card Slot
    • Scanning a bent, damaged, dirty, or modified card
    • Scanning a card contained in a protective sleeve or envelope
    • e-Reader is damaged

  • If you are experiencing this error, check our information on scanning a card for assistance.

  • Time Delay Error

    A "Time Delay Error" occurs when a menu item is selected and the e-Reader does not get any input. Some of the reasons for getting this error include:

    • Waiting too long after selecting the "Scan Card" menu item before scanning the e-Reader card
    • Trying to scan the back of the card or other area of the card that does not have a Dot Code
    • Trying to scan a card that is not an e-Reader card
    • Damaged card or e-Reader

    If you are experiencing this error, check our information on scanning a card for assistance.
  • Region Error

    A "Region Error" occurs when attempting to scan a card for a country/region that the e-Reader was not designed for. For example, players will see this error when they try to scan a Japanese e-Reader card into the U.S. e-Reader. The e-Reader that is sold in North America will only work with cards for the North, Central, and South American regions.
  • e-Reader Memory Error

    This message will appear if there is an error in the e-Reader memory or a problem with saving information to the memory. If you receive this error:

    1. Follow the on-screen instructions to correct the problem.
    2. If the problem continues to occur, the e-Reader will need to be repaired or replaced. Please click here to find out what options are available for repair or replacement of your product. .
  • Communication Failure

    This message will appear if there is a problem when trying to connect to or communicate with another system. Which type of system are you trying to connect to?