Changing the Color Palette on Game Boy Advance Systems

Games designed for the original Game Boy will play in color when played on the Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance systems. The colors displayed on the screen are selected from one of 12 palettes, each with 7-10 colors. The 12 palettes can be selected from the Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance system start-up screen. When the Game Boy logo appears, simply enter one of the controller combinations listed below to activate a different palette.

    Please note:
  • This will only work with the original Game Boy Games. Original Game Boy games have a light gray shell.
  • The color cannot be changed after the game title screen appears.

Brown   Blue   Pastel Mix   Green
Red   Dark Blue   Orange   Dark Green
+   +   + +
Dark Brown   Gray   Yellow   Reverse
+   +   + +