Game Boy Infrared Link Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you are using only licensed accessories with your system. Unlicensed products are not fully compatible with Nintendo systems, and may not work correctly.
  2. Make sure the Game Paks use the infrared communications feature. This information would be in the manual for the game.
  3. Make sure the same game title is in both units.
  4. Make sure that Game Boy Color systems are the proper distance apart and aligned correctly. The proper distance is 1.5 to 2 inches or 4 to 5 centimeters.
  5. Make sure direct bright sunlight is not interfering with infrared transmission.
  6. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the infrared transmission between both systems.

What to do if Troubleshooting doesn't help

Due to the age of the system, we no longer offer factory repairs directly from Nintendo. Please click here to find out what options are available for repair or replacement of your product. If you simply need to order parts or accessories (such as controllers, AC Adapters, etc.), click here for information on replacement parts.