Factory Service Repair - Terms & Conditions

Nintendo's Factory Service Repair, which is defined as the repair (or replacement, at Nintendo's discretion) of Nintendo systems, is available for systems within their original manufacturer's warranty or repair warranty period. Factory Service Repair may also be available for a fee for systems where the manufacturer's warranty or repair warranty has expired, or where the issue with the system is not covered under warranty. Please visit the Nintendo Customer Support page to determine what options may be available for your system.

If you send in your system for service under the original manufacturer's warranty or the repair warranty and it is determined that the issue was caused by something other than a manufacturer's defect, payment will be required before Nintendo will repair your system. Two attempts will be made to contact you to arrange for payment. If we are unable to contact you, your system will be returned to you unrepaired.

Nintendo will not repair any product found to be counterfeit or altered (e.g. software modification, hardware modification, tampered with, etc.). Any system identified as such will be returned as-is. In addition, Nintendo reserves the right to refuse requests for repairs that, in Nintendo's sole discretion, are fraudulent.

Click here to view the manufacturer's warranty text.

Repair Warranty:
Your repaired or replaced system will either receive a 100-day repair warranty that begins the day it ships back to you or will continue the remainder of its original manufacturer's warranty—whichever is greater.

Regarding Save Data:
When you send in your system for repair Nintendo will attempt to preserve any saved data on your system. However, due to the nature of some system issues, saved data is not always recoverable after repairs are performed. Please read the documentation that is enclosed with your returned repair for more information.