Factory Service Repair - Terms & Conditions

Nintendo's Factory Service Repair is available for systems either in or out of their one (1) year warranty period. If your system is out of warranty or determined to be caused by something other than a manufacturer's defect, payment will be required before Nintendo will repair your system. Two attempts will be made to contact you to arrange for payment. If we are unable to contact you, your system will be returned to you un-repaired. Any system that is found to be counterfeit or altered (e.g. software modification, hardware modification, tampered with, etc.), is permanently damaged and cannot be brought back to its original working condition. As such, your system will be returned as-is and your only option would be to purchase a replacement at retail.

Attention Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DSi system owners:
When you send your Wii console, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo DSi system in for repair, Nintendo will strive to keep any saved data on your system intact. However, due to the nature of some problems, some saved data may not be recoverable after repairs are performed. This includes saved data, and internet connection settings. Even if this saved data is lost, your shop account will still be available to you and any previously downloaded games can be re-downloaded again at no additional cost. Please read the documentation that is enclosed with your returned repair for more information.

Your repaired or replaced system will receive a new one (1) year warranty that will begin the day that your system is shipped to you.

Nintendo reserves the right to refuse repairs that in Nintendo's sole opinion appear to be fraudulent.

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