Error Code: 85020

A network communication error occurred during the matchmaking process.

What to do:


  • There appears to be a temporary issue with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Please try your game later.

  • If you have waited a few hours and are experiencing this error every time you try to connect, there could be a problem related to your firewall. For more information on firewalls and the Nintendo WFC, click here.

  • If this error occurs only once in awhile or if you are at a Hotspot location, it is likely due to congestion on the internet or a connection problem being experienced by you or the other player(s).

    To ensure the connection isn't dropping on your end, check the following:

    • Low battery power on the Nintendo DS (the light changes from green to red when battery power is low).
    • Signal strength from the access point is low. Move closer and try again.
    • Check for wireless interference. Devices such as cordless phones and microwave ovens should not be in use.



If you continue to receive this error, please click here to view our troubleshooting information for further assistance.