Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Getting Connected Online - At Home with a High-Speed Internet Connection and Wireless Router with a Gray Locked Icon

If The access point has a gray, locked icon, the Nintendo DSi has determined your router is set to WPA security. You need to access the Advanced Setup area of the Nintendo DSi to connect with this security method.

Turn on your Nintendo DSi and access your system settings by clicking on the wrench icon.

Scroll over to the third page, and select "Internet."

Now choose "Connection Settings."

Click on "Advanced Setup"

Choose one of the open connection files:

Now, choose "Search for an Access Point."

The lock should now have turned to gold. Click on the gold lock.

On this screen, you can either enter your WEP Key, or click "Change Security Settings" to enter a WPA key.

Tap "OK" again and the Nintendo DSi will then establish a connection with your router.

  • If you need help in finding out what the WEP/WPA key is for your router, click here. to go to our wireless router information. If your brand and model are available, you can find where to locate the WEP/WPA info in your router's setup utility.
  • If your Nintendo DSi is unable to establish a successful connection, click here for tips on what you can do.