Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Settings - Internet

You can manage the online settings for your Nintendo DSi from this menu.

To access the Internet Settings:

  1. On the Nintendo DSi Menu, use the stylus to select the Settings ("wrench") icon.
  2. Select the right arrow to go to page 3, then select "Internet."

The available Internet settings are:

    Connection Settings
    Configure your Nintendo DSi system's online connection (more info)

    You can view your Nintendo DSi's system information, or make changes to the WFC configuration.

    The following Internet settings will be available:

      System Information
      View the MAC address and Nintendo WFC ID for your Nintendo DSi.

      Delete WFC Configuration
      Erase your Nintendo WFC ID and connection settings.

      Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration
      Although the ability to transfer your Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID to another Nintendo DS may be available, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, which provides most online functionality for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite software titles, was discontinued. This means that even after transferring the ID, playing online will not be possible. To learn more, click here.

    User Agreement
    Using this option you can view and agree to the online User Agreement. Click "I accept" and select "OK" to accept the User Agreement.