Nintendo DSi & Nintendo DSi XL - Nintendo DSi Browser

Available only by downloading from the Nintendo DSi Shop, the Nintendo DSi Browser takes you online through your wireless home internet connection or through any supported hotspot access point. The dual screen and touch screen features of the Nintendo DSi make for a unique and portable web surfing experience. A wireless broadband internet connection is required.

If you have downloaded the Nintendo DSi Browser and you would like to restrict access to browsing the Internet, this can be done through the Parental Control settings of the system. Learn more.

Important: The Nintendo DS Browser made for the Nintendo DS (original) and Nintendo DS Lite is not compatible with the Nintendo DSi. The only version that is compatible with the Nintendo DSi is the Nintendo DSi Browser available from the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Important Notes on compatibility

Using the Nintendo DSi Browser:
Requirements to use the Nintendo DSi Browser
Working with Parental Controls

Some web pages or file types will not display.
Video or sound will not play?
"Could not connect to Proxy Server" or web pages won't load with content filtering turned on
"Low Memory" errors


    Important Notes on compatibility

  • The Nintendo DSi Browser supports http and https. It is not compatible with other types of protocols, such as ftp, mailto, etc.
  • The Nintendo DSi Browser supports Javascript, as well as many image types such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, and ICO.
  • The Nintendo DSi Browser does not support Flash, animations, sound, video, PDFs, or any other files or programs that require a separate plug in, such as Java.
  • All types of video playback, such as QuickTime (.avi) and Windows Media Video (.wmv) are not compatible with the Nintendo DSi Browser and will not play.
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Requirements to use the Nintendo DSi Browser:

In order to use the Nintendo DSi Browser, you will need the following items:

  1. A Nintendo DSi system with the Nintendo DSi Browser downloaded from the Nintendo DSi Shop. For information on connecting to and using the Nintendo DSi Shop, click here.
  2. Access to a high-speed (broadband) internet connection, such as cable, FIOS, or DSL.
  3. A compatible wireless access point:

    1. A wireless home router (recommended)
      The Nintendo DSi is compatible with most wireless home routers. For more information and to get started setting up a connection, click here.
    2. A compatible Hotspot location
      Many hotspots found in public places such as coffee shops and libraries may be compatible with the Nintendo DSi . If you need assistance with connecting at a hotspot location, click here.









  • Websites are slow to load
    Depending on their specifications, certain websites that use a lot of images may not be able to display properly on the browser. Deactivating the Image Display will speed things up (sites that have many large images can take several minutes to fully load). You can see the image load progress in the top-right corner of the touch screen--it will be two or three numbers separated by a forward-slash (25/50 for example). Also, the icon in the upper-right corner of the touch screen (the one that looks like DS screens) will be moving if the page is still loading.

  • Some web pages or file types will not load
    Websites using unsupported file types will not display properly. Because it is not possible to download and install any plug-ins for the DSi Browser, it is not possible to display file types that require a plug-in. Incompatible file types include:
    • Flash
    • All video types (.mpeg4, .avi, .wmv, etc.)
    • All audio types (.mp3, .wma, etc.)
    • Java
    • .PDF

  • Videos and sound will not play
    The Nintendo DSi Browser does not support audio and video files. These include:
    • Flash
    • .mp3
    • .avi
    • .mov

  • No pages will load with Content Filtering (proxy server) turned on
    The Proxy Settings must be entered in a very specific way. If you have Proxy Settings enabled (turned on), and the settings are not entered correctly, no web pages will load. Verify that the Proxy URL is typed in correctly. This information is obtained from the company hosting the proxy service.




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  • "Low Memory" errors
    This message can appear when a website has too many features for the Nintendo DSi Browser to load. To help improve the chance of a page being able to load:

    • Clear the Nintendo DSi Browser's page history
      Select "History" from the Start page to bring up a list of sites you've recently visited, and select "Delete All" to remove all sites from the list.
    • If one exists, try going to a "mobile" version of the site
      Usually the mobile version of a website can be accessed by replacing www. with m. (, for example), or do a search for the site name with the word "mobile."
    • The site may be incompatible:
      If the site still won't load, but other sites do, it's likely the site contains features that are incompatible with the Nintendo DSi Browser.




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