Multiplayer Information



  • Playing multiplayer with one Game Card:
    Certain Nintendo DS games require only one player have a copy of the game to play multiplayer. Those without a copy of the game will need to download the game information from the player that has the game in their system.

    This feature is available on games that have this icon on their packaging:

      To download game information:

    1. Insert the Game Card into the DS Game Card Slot on one system and slide it into place until it clicks. Turn the system on by pressing the POWER button.
    2. Tap the screen using the stylus when the "Touch the Touch Screen to continue" message appears. If the host DS system's Startup Mode is set to
      • Automatic. The game's menu will appear.
      • Manual. Tap on the box for the Nintendo DS Card Slot using the stylus to start the game.
    3. Turn on the other Nintendo DS systems. For each of these systems, when the main menu appears, tap on the "DS Download Play" icon on the right, middle side of the screen to display list of available games.
    4. Tap the title of the game to begin the download.
    5. See the individual game's multiplayer instructions for additional game play information.


  • Playing multiplayer with multiple Game Cards
    Games that require each player to have a copy of the Game Card inserted into the Nintendo DS will feature this icon:

    Because each individual game title has its own method for setting up multiplayer games, you will need to consult the instruction manual for that particular title.


  • Wireless and multiplayer problems
    If you are experiencing problems with wireless features of multiplayer games, you may want to try the following suggestions:

    • Trying to play online (such as Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime: Hunters)? Visit our Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Support for assistance. If you are attempting to play multiplayer with others nearby, please continue reading the information below.

    • If you are having difficulty playing Game Boy Advance games, please click on the system you are using:

    • Consult the system and or game instruction manual to make sure the game supports the feature you are trying to use.

    • For wireless connections, players must be no more than 65 feet away from each other and have a relatively unobstructed view.

    • If you are within range of the other player (see above), make sure there are no other wireless devices nearby that could possibly cause interference, such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, computers, etc.

  • Our experience has shown that the majority of problems with wireless multiplayer gaming are caused by signal interference from other devices (wireless LAN, microwave ovens, cordless devices, computers). We recommend moving to another location or turn off the interfering device.

    If none of the above steps solve the problem you are experiencing, please see the repair options for Latin America.