Important Note:
We highly recommend you review the following precautions before you set up and operate your Nintendo system:

Charging the Nintendo DS

Special notes about the battery:

  • The battery must be fully-charged before using for the first time. This can typically take around four (4) hours.
  • The battery can be fully re-charged at least 500 times, but after long-term use the battery performance will begin to decline.
  • The unit may be re-charged at any time, including during game play. However, re-charging during game play will take longer.

To charge the battery:

  1. Insert the small end of the adapter into the External Extension Connector (labeled '5.2v In') on the back of the Nintendo DS.

  2. Swing the prongs on the AC adapter until they lock into place, then insert it into a standard (120 volt) outlet.
  3. The plug should be mounted vertically or on a floor outlet (such as a power strip).

  4. Once the adapter is properly inserted, the unit will begin to charge (the orange charging light will display).

  5. Once the DS is fully charged, the orange charge light will go off.

  6. Unplug the adapter from the wall (holding it by the plug and not the cord) before removing the connection from the Nintendo DS.